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Welcome to the EPOS User Club. Here you will find a knowledge base with EPOS-related materials.
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EPOS Toolbox

This area is restricted to registered users. When logged in, the EPOS toolbox guides users through cross-sector industrial symbiosis (IS).

The toolbox is comprised of the following features:
For background information and help with the EPOS toolbox, see the EPOS guidance section.

EPOS Guidance

Start This area provides general information on the EPOS project, tools, technologies and cases, all validating industrial symbiosis (IS).
This is open access information.
EPOS News EPOS-related updates. EPOS User Manual EPOS toolbox guidance and wizard. Technology Focus Reviews of IS technologies with high IS potential. Generic IS Cases Review of IS cases with high replicability potential. OSMOSE Background EPFL IS software manual and publications. LESTS Background UGent IS surveys, publications. Publications Relevant IS resources and publications. Videos Relevant IS videos.